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The Face Tattoo

World's Greatest Drunk Driving Mug Shot


Does this man look drunk to you?
Cory P. Smits Mug Shot

Cory P. Smits Mug Shot 2011

Manitowoc (Wisconsin) Sheriff's Office
I mean, could someone who spends a lot of time sober ever possibly consider a facial tattoo like that?

This is 29-year-old Cory P. Smits, who was recently given his fifth operating while intoxicated conviction.

He's racking these things up like body art.

Smits was arrested in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, back in February when police pulled him over for swerving and found a man with glassy and bloodshot eyes.

I'm surprised they even noticed the eyes.

The police also said he reeked of booze and could barely stand -- and had to be pepper sprayed when he began banging his head in the back seat of the police car, according to htrnews.com.

The newspaper says Smits will now have to "maintain absolute sobriety, undergo intoxicated driver assessment and driver safety plan, submit to random urine screens and pay for same, spend 10 months in jail under the work-release program starting immediately, pay $3,981 in fines and costs, pay supervision and attorney fees, provide DNA sample and pay DNA surcharge."

He's also lost his driver's license for 30 months.

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