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This Week In Weird Crime June 29 2014

A Spanish teacher is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student.

This Week In Weird News June 27 2014

The "Finding Bigfoot" team turns up photo evidence of a Sasquatch taken with thermal imagery.

This Month In Weird Record Attempts

An attempt at breaking the record for the world's largest boxing lesson.

Pirates Gather In World Record Attempt

Pirates Gather In Record Attempt

This Week In Weird Crime May 28 2014

A woman is accused of throwing her elderly mother out of a wheelchair, breaking her hip.

Streakers Of The Year... So Far

A streaker is grabbed.

Did Colleen Cudney Make The World's Dumbest Facebook Post?

A woman could go to jail over her stupid Facebook post.

Streaker Gets Grabbed You-Know-Where

Streakers of the year so far

This Week in Weird Crime For March 29 2014

Man accused of attempted theft of "Thunder From Down Under" male revue.

Fraud! Pip The 'Psychic Goat' Is Baaaaaaad News

A pyschic goat failed to predict a soccer winner

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