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Blizzard, Booze 'n' Boobs

Topless Woman in Drunken Snowstorm Caper


What do you say when a topless woman walks into your store, grabs a bottle of booze, and walks out?
Brandi Smith Mug Shot 2010

Brandi Smith Mug Shot 2010

Douglas County (Nevada) Sheriff's Office
Police say a clerk at a Nevada grocery store confronted the topless woman when she walked in, but she ignored him. Some women are like that.

Then, she grabbed a bottle of wine... left the store without paying... got in her car in a snowstorm... and then apparently took the term "drive through" seriously at a nearby Burger King and nearly drove right through it, according to police.

An off-duty sheriff's deputy who was shopping in the same store followed the woman, 41-year-old Brandi Smith, and stopped her at the Burger King. He told the Record-Courier that the storm made it impossible to give her a DWI test, but the she appeared very drunk.

The newspaper says Smith is already on probation -- for attempting to steal beer last year.

If she goes topless for a bottle of wine... I wonder how she dresses for beer.

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