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Accused Dog-Sex Landlord

Tenants: We Caught Him in the Act of Bestiality


We've all had awkward and uncomfortable moments in the landlord... but this has to rank as one of the ugliest.
Mitchell Marsicano Mug Shot 2010

Mitchell Marsicano Mug Shot 2010

Nassau County (NY) Police Department
Tenants in a Long Beach, New York home say their landlord asked them to watch his dog, Snowball... but then they caught him breaking into the apartment and having sex with the animal -- twice.

The landlord, 55-year-old Mitchell Marsicano, says it's all a lie -- but the tenants say the Shiba Inu was abused and neglected.

In addition, the Nassau County district attorney says an exam found the kinds of injuries that might come from being restrained, signs of trauma, and was "uncharacteristically skittish to being touched on its hindquarters," according to LIHerald.com.

Marsicano says that's a fabrication, too -- but he's been charged with sexual misconduct, attempted sexual misconduct and burglary.

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