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Living Dead Man

Real-Life Zombie Pals Around With Lady Gaga


Covering your body in tattoos isn't just a lifestyle -- for Rick Genest, it's a deathstyle.
Living Zombie Rick Genest

Living Zombie Rick Genest

Colin Singer
Genest has inked his insides onto his outsides, turning his skin into a canvas of guts, bones and rotting flesh -- and becoming a living zombie in the process.

And now, he's an eye-catching star in Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video.

And how he got there is a funny story -- because he was spotted on a Facebook page that was actually set up to make fun of him, "I bet this guy will regret getting this tattoo once he's older."

Instead of regret, he's paling around with one of the hottest names in music.

As my friend David Moye writes at AOL News, Genest has more than just extreme body modification on his resume: He can also eat fire, lie on a bed of nails and hammer nails up his nose.

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