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Flasher at the Music Awards

Striker Shows Hayden Panettiere Everything at MTV Awards


File this under too good to be true: A streaker hit the stage during the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast, and not only did host Hayden Panettiere NOT run away... she chatted him up on stage and even invited him out for a drink afterwards.
MTV Awards Streaker with Hayden Panettiere

MTV Awards Streaker with Hayden Panettiere

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"I don't have my phone on me," the streaker, later identified as 24-year-old David Monahan, said.

Most of the time, he kept his hands over everything... but before leaving, he removed his palms and showed the former "Heroes" star everything he has.

Trust me, it's all there under that black dot -- and I can tell you right now he's not a Jew.

But was the whole thing real... or a setup? Get the whole story here.

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