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Holy Guacamole!

177 Feet of Tacos in Record Bid


Here's a whole lot of deliciousness all in a row: 177 feet of tacos lined up in a bid to crack the crispy, corny shell of the Guinness Book.
World's Longest Line of Tacos

World's Longest Line of Tacos

Jamie Lusch
And if this one holds up to the usual record-keeping scrutiny, it'll be the new champ by quite a bit (and quite a bite): The old record was an 121-foot-long cod taco made in Georgia.

Cod taco? Blech!

The new creation was put together in Phoenix, Oregon as part of the Phoenix Phestival and was sold for $5 for every two tacos along the massive line, according to World Records Academy.

You might think a line of tacos this long would take all day -- but the Academy says it took 14 people just 15 minutes to assemble.

Your move, Taco Bell.

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