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Nude News: The Bare Naked Truth

Raw Tales of Raw People


Some people get caught with their pants down. Others strip for what they believe is a very good reason. Here's a look at the strange, the kinky, the reckless and the outlandish nudes in the news.

Olivia Munn Gets Naked

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn has shown she can turn heads with what she wears -- but it's what she's not wearing that's getting all the attention these days. See her take it all off here... and find out why she did it.

Streaker Shows Hayden Panettiere Everything at MTV Awards

Streaker With Hayden Panettiere
Getty Images
A streaker stormed the stage at MTV's Europe Music Awards -- but was the whole thing a setup? Get the real story here.

Naked 'King of the World' Gets Taser Treatment in Florida Keys

His Royal 'High'ness
Monroe County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office

A naked man who claimed to be king of the world is tasered three times in Florida.

Lady Gaga Brings Nearly Nude Bra and Panty Act to Yankee Stadium

Lady Gaga's Nearly Nude Yankees Act
Getty Images

After giving Mets fans the finger at a Citi Field game, Lady Gaga showed up in the Bronx and gave Yankees fans a different kind of salute. See her nearly-nude Yankee Stadium "show" here.

Streaker Interrupts Dog Show

Dog Show Streaker
Getty Images

Mark Roberts, a 45-year-old serial streaker, interrupted the 2010 Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England wearing only a cat's face over his ruff parts. But wait until you read about his claim over what happened next.

Naked Hindu Holy Men Gather for Kumbh Mela

Naked Hindu Holy Men
Getty Images

These Hindu holy men have shed their physical coverings to take part in the Kumbh Mela, a massive religious gathering that takes place every three years.

Streaker Invades the Rugy Pitch

Rugby Streaker
Getty Images

A streaker interrupts something called the Wellington IRB Sevens, which is a rugby event being held in Wellington, New Zealand. The streaker apparently arrived on the scene and attempted to take a pass from the Scottish team -- and, according to reports, drew one of the biggest cheers of the day.

Amy Fisher Still Desperate for Attention

One-time Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher has been stripping to raise money for Haitian earthquake relief, according to the New York Daily News. Fisher has been trying to get her porn career off the ground. Don't ask what Joey Buttafuoco's doing.

Nearly Naked Japanese Throw Beach Party

Japan's Nearly Naked Beach Party
Getty Images

You gotta hand it to the Japanese -- they know how to throw a nearly naked winter beach party. The festival celebrates more than exhibitionism… it marks coming-of-age for the area’s new 20-year-olds, and participants of all ages gather to wish for a safe and healthy 2010. See more images here.

Meet Roxxxy, the Talking Robot Sex Doll

Roxxxy the Robot Sex Doll
Getty Images

She can make love... talk about the game... and comes with an off button. Get up close and personal with Roxxxy, the future of robo-sex toys.

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