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This Week in Weird (Jan. 11)

The Week's Best Weird News Stories


The Booby Wall

Women are showing their support for breast cancer awareness (and a whole lot more) on the "Booby Wall" website.

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Updated October 22, 2009

While this was a great week for Hilary Clinton, others weren't so lucky. Here's a look at the week in weird:

Dead and Not Buried: An Austrian woman kept her dead boyfriend at home. Police say she may have been cashing her significant other's checks, or perhaps she wasn't ready to admit the relationship was over.

In New York, two guys sat their dead friend on an office chair and wheeled him through the streets of Manhattan in what police called a desperate attempt to cash his social security check. Strangely, while they were charged with attempted forgery, it turns out it was not illegal to wheel a chair around with a body in it.

Sex Party Poopers: In what must have been the start of an awkward conversation, a Polish man met his wife at a brothel.

In other sex news, a German couple lost their jobs for trying to write off an S&M vacation as a business expense. That, presumably, would be petty cash.

Doggie Doos and Don'ts: Police followed a trail of dog poop to arrest a man on suspicion of drunken driving. In a perfect world, that guy would share a cell with the "Professional Hypochondriac."

The Booby Wall: While Britney, Lindsay and Paris seem to fall out of their clothing every time they step out of a car, Canadian women are taking off their shirts and posting pictures of themselves to raise breast cancer awareness. To be righteous and naked is a rare combination.

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