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Heroes to Zeros: Baseball's World Series Mug Shot Hall of Shame


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The Tragic Tale of Ken Caminiti
Ken Caminiti Mug Shot

Ken Caminiti Mug Shot

Police booking photo
Ken Caminiti had everything a ballplayer could want: three Gold Gloves, three All-Star Game appearances, an MVP award and, in 1998, a World Series appearance. He went 2-for-14 for a .143 average as his Padres were swept by the New York Yankees... and a few years later, his life fell apart.

Caminiti admitted in 2002 that he had used steroids during the 1996 season, when he won his Most Valuable Player award, and beyond. And the drug and alcohol problems he battled throughout his career would only get worse after his retirement.

He was arrested in 2001 for cocaine possession, and tested positive for the drug at least four times afterward. In 2004, he died of an apparent drug overdose in New York City.

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