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Heroes to Zeros: Baseball's World Series Mug Shot Hall of Shame


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Wally Backman: Manager for Four Days
Wally Backman Mug Shot

Wally Backman Mug Shot

Police Booking Photo
Wally Backman hit .333 and scored four runs in the 1986 World Series as the New York Mets beat the Boston Red Sox. The 1986 Series saw the Sox come within one out of their first title since 1918... only to see that opportunity slip between the legs of Bill Buckner in the form of a softly hit ball from Mookie Wilson.

Backman played until 1993, and on Nov. 1, 2004 was hired to manage the Arizona Diamondbacks. Four days later, he was fired as his own ghosts came out to haunt him: Backman had been arrested in 2000 on DWI charges, and again in 2001 on charges of assaulting his wife.

Backman was ultimately convicted of driving under the influence, and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment. Backman has also declared bankruptcy.

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