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What's So Weird About the New York Yankees?

Strange Things About the Bronx Bombers


Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter strikes a classic victory pose at Yankee Stadium.

Getty Images

NEW YORK -- What's so weird about the New York Yankees?

Plenty... after all, we all have our quirks and ballplayers are no different. And any time you get 25 guys together you're bound to have a few oddballs (and the occasional porn aficionado). Even the most staid of Yankees, Derek Jeter, has had his moments.

Here are a few things you probably didn't know about the 2009 New York Yankees:

Smell Like Derek

What does a ballplayer smell like? If you guessed "a mysterious blend of exotic saffron, blood orange and dark woods," you're batting 1.000. Jeter has two fragrances, both called "Driven." The other smells like "chilled grapefruit, oakmoss and spice." Avon, the maker of Driven, says the Yankee captain was involved in the process of creating the scents.

What's in a Name?

Alex Rodriguez likes his plenty. The superstar third baseman has two daughters, and both have the same middle name: Alexander.

Cream Pie Time

The Yankees began celebrating walk-off wins with a cream pie to the face, delivered by pitcher A.J. Burnett. Originally made of shaving cream, the pies stung the eyes of the nightly hero... so the formula was changed to a more soothing whipped cream.

Joba's Body Modifications

A number of Yankees sport multiple tattoos... but pitcher Joba Chamberlain not only loves the ink, he's also got some piercings -- including both nipples. A.J. Burnett has reportedly worn nipple rings in the past.

He Collects What???

Hideki Matsui has been known for his massive porn collection. No word on whether or not his marriage has forced him to curtail his hobby.

Jorge Posada's Icky Hand Secret

Jorge Posada is one of the few hitters in Major League Baseball who doesn't wear batting gloves. His secret to keeping his hands tough? He urinates on them.

Johnny Damon, Meet Bart Simpson

During his time with the A's, Johnny Damon would ride his skateboard to his local train station, then take the train to the ballpark.

When Mariano Rivera Was Hittable

It's hard to imagine now... but Mariano Rivera didn't look like he had a future during his rookie season. He made 10 start, and went 3-3 with a 5.94 ERA. Overall, he was 5-3 with a 5.51 ERA in 1995.

Mark Teixeira's Secret Love

Could the proximity to Broadway have been a factor in Mark Teixeira's decision to sign with the Yankees? The first baseman is a fan of musicals, and says his favorite play is "Les Miserables." He also enjoys "Miss Saigon" and "Phantom of the Opera."

Bathroom Viewing

The luxury seats in the new Yankee Stadium include access to bathrooms with televisions built into the mirrors above the sinks.
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