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Our Litigious Times

Weird and Wacky Lawsuits


Our legal system is bursting at the seams with unbelievable civil lawsuits. Some are frivolous, others are more than justified. Here's a look at some of the strangest of the strange.

Dunkin' Sued Over Hash-Brown Burns

Hot Potato may be a children's game, but a Massachusetts couple say it was no fun when their toddler child was burned by a scalding hash brown served at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through. They're suing for $200,000, according to the Boston Herald.

Match.com Has 'Date' in Court

A man from Brooklyn is suing the online dating service Match.com for inflicting "humiliation and disappointment" because many of the beautiful women on the site are not truly available because they are "canceled subscribers or never subscribed at all."

Woman Falls Off Wolfgang Puck's Toilet and Sues

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A woman is suing Wolfgang Puck's Spago restaurant, claiming she fell off a ladies room commode while trying to balance on the potty and keep the door closed.

Drop Trou and Celebrate!

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A Florida judge has struck down a law that barred anyone from wearing extremely low butt-exposing or underwear-exposing pants, calling the ban unconstitutional.

Impregnate My Wife

A German man hired a neighbor to impregnate his wife and instigated a lawsuit when he found he was sterile.

Pay Up, Santa

Antoinette Basso claims a drunken man dressed in a Santa stumbled over her outside a Chicago eatery, knocking her to the sidewalk, causing her "pain ... disability and disfigurement." Now she wants damages in excess of $50,000.

'I Was Circumcised!'

John Singer, a 49-year-old New Yorker, is suing the Central Europe Center for Research & Documentation, an academic group that allegedly mentions on its website that he is not circumcised in an article entitled, Jewish Witness to a European Century. "They have caused me tremendous emotional pain and suffering," says Singer. "I feel humiliated and betrayed."

Judge Bans Saggy Pants From Courtroom

Tired of seeing inmates' underwear sticking out from low-slung orange pants, a Tampa judge is laying down some fashion laws.

Knife Baked Into Sandwich

Mustard wasn't the sharpest think in John Agnesini's sandwich. The 27-year-old is suing Subway for $1 million, claiming he purchased a 12-inch sub that contained a 7-inch knife. He says a doctor told him he had symptoms of food poisoning, which he believes came from the knife's plastic handle.

Devo Sues McDonald's

A new McDonald's character wears a hat that looks like the triangular "energy domes" that '70s new wave band Devo was sort of famous for. Devo actually trademarked their look . . . and they're going to "Whip It" with the burger giant in court.
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