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Bad Parenting

Strange Stories of Mindless Moms and Dumb Dads


You need a license to drive, why don't you need a license to procreate? At least that's how you feel when you hear about the couple that puts their toddler in the clothes dryer.

Living in the Trash

Alison Alsbrooks Scurry
Sumter County Sheriff’s Department

South Carolina police found three kids living in a home with a foot of trash covering the floors, including rotting food. Mom has been arrested.

Ultimate Bad Parenting

Donald Christian Rombough Mug Shot
Lee County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office

A man is accused of leaving his son in a hot truck so he could go into a bar and watch Ultimate Fighting.

Boozing Grandma Tossed in Jail

Maria Krull Mug Shot
Hamilton County (Ohio) Sheriff's Department
Police say a Cincinnati grandma was driving around drunk -- with her five-year-old granddaughter in the car. And they say she wasn't just drunk... she was really, really wasted -- with a blood alcohol level five times the legal limit.

Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum… In a Diaper Bag… While Driving… With Kids

Monica Say Mug Shot 2009
Hennepin County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Department
The year’s not over yet, but it’s safe to say that Monica Say is out of the running for mom of the year. Police say Say was caught driving drunk in a car with her two sons, ages 2 and 4, inside. What’s more, they say she had an open bottle of rum in a diaper bag. Hopefully for her, and not the kids. Police say he blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit for drunkenness.

'Get on the Pole'

Steve Russo Mug Shot
Northampton County (Pa.) Sheriff's Office
Steve Russo -- a 35-year-old father from Pennsylvania -- allegedly held a party for his 17 year old son that involved rum, vodka and a stripper's pole in his basement. Police say there was even photos posted on Facebook. Russo has pleaded guilty to giving booze to minors, endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors.

Man Propositions Daughter on Facebook

John Forehand Mug Shot
Ephrata Borough Police Department
Pennsylvania police say John Forehand signed up for Facebook under the name "Bad Daddy" to track his own daughter, who he hadn't seen in 10 years. Police say he was interested in a different kind of touching reunion with the 13-year-old girl, describing sex acts to her as he asked for a meeting.

Meth in Baby's Diaper

Lorri Compo Mug Shot
Michigan State Police
Police say Lorri Compo was watching her 1-year-old grandson when she and four others were arrested in a meth bust -- and the baby was later found with drugs in his diaper.

Crack-Smokin' Mom

Miranda Marie Peters-Ortiz 2009 Police Booking Photo
Brevard County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office
With a three-year-old in the backseat, a Fla. mom allegedly robbed a Wendy's, led police on a high speed chase, and was smoking crack when they took her out of the car.

Feces in the IV

Emily Beth McDonald 2009 Police Booking Photo
Austin (Texas) Police Dept.
A Texas mom was allegedly caught on hospital surveillance camera putting human waste into her little girl's intravenous line. A lawyer for the woman told the Austin American-Statesman that "as the facts unfold, the impression people have of this young woman will change for the better."

Modern Day Ma Barker

Cynthia Robertson 2009 Mug Shot
Maricopa County (Ariz.) Sheriff's Office
Phoenix police say Cynthia Robertson led her two sons (the youngest, just 12 years old) in a crime spree, committing some 40 robberies on pedestrians. Mom, they say, allegedly drove the getaway car and was the brains behind the operation.
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