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Dumb Crime Du Jour Archives

Another Day, Another Stupid Crime


Each day at Weird News Central, we feature one bizarre crime. Here's an archive of what we call, "Dumb Crime Du Jour."

2. April-June 2009 Archive

George Bartusek 2009 Mug Shot Photo
Courtesy of Cape Coral (Fla.) Police Department
When you get caught having three-way sex with two inflatable dolls and you've got some explaining to do. Follow the outer fringes of law enforcement in Dumb Crime Du Jour. (Current Archive)

Other Highlights: Porn shop bandits are caught with their pants down, a driver stopped for a sobriety test tells police, 'I'm not drunk, I'm high', and a dad takes his 9-year-old girl on a hold-up.

3. Feb.-March 2009 Archive

Acea Shomaker 2009 Mug Shot
Lancaster County (Neb.) Sheriff's Dept.
A 20-year-old Nebraska man faces animal cruelty charges after putting his cat into an over-sized bong, telling police. "I know for sure this isn't the first time someone has done this." (Full Feb-March Archives)

Other highlights: A Michigan man is caught having sex with a vacuum cleaner, another man is arrested driving a barstool (yes, a barstool) while intoxicated, and a dad urges high school girls at his son's party to dance on the stripper's pole conveniently installed in the basement.

4. Nov. 2008-Jan. 2009 Archive

Michael Dick 2009 Mug Shot
Police File Photo
A nude burglar gets a crotch-crushing welcoming from a strong-armed 88-year-old woman. (Full Nov.-Jan. Archive)

Other Highlights: A priest admits to jogging in the nude, a woman faces charges for biting her husband's penis, and a Florida man celebrates his 190th arrest.

5. Sept.-Nov. 2008 Archive

Michelle Allen 2008 Mug Shot
Police File Photo
A woman reeking of booze is arrested in a cow costume for public intoxication and other charges after allegedly urinating on various people's porches. (Full Sept.-Nov. Archives)

Other highlights: A West Virginia man arrested on battery charges after farting on a police officer. a priest accused of dealing coke , and Batman gets busted in Tampa.

6. July-Aug. 2008 Archive

Daniel Allen Everett 2009 Mug Shot
Courtesy of Greendale (Mich.) Police Department
You can't be the world's greatest dad if you're arrested for soliciting a 14-year-old girl for sex while wearing a "World's Greatest Dad" T-shirt. (Full July-Aug. Archives)

Other Highlights: A self-proclaimed vampire (with fangs!) jumps bail, a joker dressed like the Joker (you know, as in Batman) faces prosecution, and a woman gets handcuffed and arrested for overdue library books (albeit a lot of them).
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