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This Just Looks Like Former President Bush's Sex Scandal

By June 9, 2009

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President George H.W. Bush and Actress Katie Cameron

What this country really doesn't need right now is another presidential sex scandal. Thank goodness, the elder President Bush has long since retired and this photo only looks incriminating.

The former president is shown here celebrating earlier this week at his wife Barbara's 84th birthday.

The bikini-clad woman, actress Katie Cameron, is performing in A Chorus Line, and she wasn't doing anything the birthday girl didn't approve of, at least according to our friends at TMZ.com, who sent along this photo.

Several actors from the show visited the Bush family's famous Kennebunkport, Maine, home for Barbara's celebration (even if it looks like more of a party for Bush 41!)

If nothing else, the photo bears an eerie resemblance to the infamous shot of the Democrat who could have challenged Bush in the 1988 election, Garry Hart. Gary Hart and Donna Rice

For those of you with better hairlines than me, here's a little history: Hart was the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 1988, when rumors spread of his extramarital shenanigans.

"Follow me around! I don't care!" he told the New York Times. At the time, he'd been married to his wife Lee for more than 25 years.

Reporters at The Miami Herald were already on his trail, and the National Enquirer soon published this career-ending snapshot of the former Colorado Senator with former Miss South Carolina Donna Rice on his lap. They were in Bimini, aboard a yacht that was appropriately enough called Monkey Business, as you can see from Hart's T-shirt.

Hart dropped out of the race only days after the photos became a national punchline.

In retrospect, the Hart scandal seems rather quaint. I can only assume if this happened today, that Hart would go on a national Daytime TV contrition tour. He'd cry on Oprah's couch, take a tongue lashing from Dr. Phil, and then stand before Letterman, Leno, Stewart and Colbert, for several rounds of humiliation, as if to tell the world, "Hey, I'm just a guy."

Would he be president? Go ask Bill Clinton.

Photo © Top: Courtesy of TMZ.com; Bottom © National Enquirer/Getty Images

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June 15, 2009 at 4:18 pm
(1) Mike says:

Interesting! I wish that we could find some dirt on Obama. Maybe,then, we could get him and this new Congress out of office.

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