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Buck Wolf

Woman Offers Free Sex (She Just Charges for the Company)

By May 21, 2009

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Ashley Hollin Mug Shot

When you cover weird news long enough, you start to think you've heard it all . . . and then along comes suspected prostitute Ashley Hollin -- today's inductee into the Weird News Mug Shot Hall of Shame.

"I don't take money for sex," the 26-year-old Floridian allegedly told police

"I take money for company and the sex is free."

That's an interesting distinction. But has this woman found a loophole in the laws governing the world's oldest profession? Or did she all but admit her guilt, if not her stupidity? Deborah Lee Towe

Another woman who might want to rethink how she justifies her actions is Deborah Lee Towe, a 30-year-old California woman charged with having sex with her daughter's teenage friends.

Towe allegedly had sex with 15- and 16-year-olds in a car, at a Walmart parking lot, in her bed, and near an elementary school. And she allegedly did it to "protect" her daughter from the sexual desires of these boys.

That's not to say she denied having a good time. "I felt young," she's quoted as saying. "I missed all those years."

Of course, she might miss those years a lot more, if she's staring out of a barred window.

In Other Weird Crime News . . .

  • John Steven Szwalla is accused of trying to rob a store with a banana. He walked into a store with an object bulging under his shirt, demanded money, and when the man behind the counter resisted, he tried to eat the evidence.
  • John Chapman of Florida allegedly crashed through the gate of a private community and was "running around naked." Authorities had to call in a helicopter and police dogs to round him up. He later admitted to having "some beers" earlier that evening at a baseball game.
  • Christina Ann Snyder and her husband Nathan are accused of mistreating four children in their custody. In addition to depriving them of food and keeping them in squalid conditions, they allegedly shot them with BBs and bottle rockets.

Photo © Lake County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office (Top); Shasta County (Ca.) Sheriff's Office (Bottom)
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