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Weird News: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Big Can One Get? Johah Falcon's Claim to Fame
What's it like to have the world's biggest penis? Ask the man who owns it: Jonah Falcon. See pictures of Jonah and read about his ups and downs.
'Diaper Lady' Shuttle Astronaut Strikes Plea...
The former astronaut who's diaper-clad road trip to confront a love rival has reached a plea deal. See her famously strange mug shot and so much more in the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame. Page 185.
Weird Sex News: When Private Lives Turn Public
Weird Sex: Looking for strange news regarding human sexuality? You'll find it here.
Jonah Falcon and His Legendary Length
It's not so easy for Jonah Falcon, the man widely believed to have the world's largest penis, as he tries to jump start his film career. The 38-year-old New Yorker was snubbed for a part on HBO's
Nakedness in the News
Some people get caught with their pants down. Others strip for what they believe is a very good reason.
Weird Crime Mug Shots
Mug Shots and Police Photos: When you commit a dumb crime, you usually look the part. About.com's Buck Wolf brings you the strangest, most outrageous Funny looking mug shots and police photos. Come back for regular updates.
Angelina Jolie's Tattoos: Where They Are &...
What does all those marks on Angelina Jolie's shoulder blade me? Get a close look at her tattoos -- and find out what they mean -- here.
Prosthetic Arm Prison Beating
Sometimes, you need to use any handy weapon. Police say a prisoner used his prosthetic arm to bash a fellow inmate. See him and others in the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame. Page 154.
Human Pincushion
Ripley's 'Seeing Is Believing' pulls together some of the company's best archival photos, along with modern treasures. The book features a look at Barnum and Bailey's sideshow stars from the early 20th Century. This man, B.A. Bryant, was a human pincushion, able to stick himself with large needles and feel no pain. Page 44.
Baseball Hall of Shame II
Meet a player who was picked off a base while standing right on it. Page 4.
Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame: Celebrity...
Until recently, Nina Dobrev was best known as Mia Jones on "Degrassi: The Next Generation." Now, she's
How'd That Get Up Your Butt? X-Rays of Strange...
Someone stuck a Buzz Lightyear toy up his butt... and couldn't get it out. See photographic evidence of it right here. Page 2.
The World's Top 10 Competitive Eaters
Here are the rankings of the top eaters in the world as ranked by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) and Major League Eating.
Weird News Photo Extravaganza
You want a good reason to gawk at cute animals, crazy mug shots, unusual protests and mayhem? Well, there is none, except that it's fun. So, enjoy!
Did Colleen Cudney Make The World's Dumbest...
A woman could go to jail over her stupid Facebook post.
Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Ripley's Believe It Or Not! has carved a singular history in entertainment history, and its museums are perhaps the single best source for lovers of the bizarre. Here is a look at some of Ripley's recent events and its newest attractions.
Love, Sex and Marriage
Looking for weird news? Here you'll find strange stories about love, sex and marriage.
How To Hypnotize An Emu
A guy uses his legs to hypnotize an emu.
Fraud! Pip The 'Psychic Goat' Is Baaaaaaad News
A pyschic goat failed to predict a soccer winner
Molly Schuyler Eats A LOT Of Steak
A woman eats nine pounds of beef in 15 minutes.
Air Sex Championships: Men & Women Simulate...
A woman uses a power sander to simulate an act of lust at the Air Sex World Championships. See it all here. Page 3.
That's Disguisting!
Grit your teeth, and get ready to lose your appetite. Then ask yourself, "Why do I enjoy reading these
Streaker Gets Grabbed You-Know-Where
Streakers of the year so far
Bigfoot On Display In New York?
A circus claims to have a bigfoot.
Florida Woman Accused Of Dumping Mom From...
A woman is accused of dumping her mother from a wheelchair.
Burn Victim... Saved By A Slurpee!
A burn victim pours Slurpee on his wounds.
Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling Is Kinda Crazy
A first-person POV of the crazy cheese rolling race.
Pirates Gather In Attempt To Set New World Record
Pirates gather in record attempt.
This Week In Weird: Piano Dog, Fire Challenge...
See a human-dog hybrid playing the waltz on a keyboard.
Bad Parenting
You need a license to drive, why don't you need a license to procreate? At least that's how you feel when you hear about the couple that puts their toddler in the clothes dryer.
New World Records
New World Records: Here's a ongoing look at biggest, hairiest, latest, greatest world records, from the fattest man to the tallest woman. Keep up with humanity's quest to reach new heights . . . and depths.
Strange Stories About Death
Dying for some laughs? Here's some weird news stories about death and dying, including a wrong casket brought to a funeral, urn art, and more.
YouTube Boobs
When you get arrested, just for the sake of producing a must-see YouTube video, perhaps your sacrificing a little too much for your art.
Nude and Naked
It doesn't take much to get some people to shed their clothes... and their inhibitions. See what happens when people drop trou in the most unusual places.
Dumb Crime Du Jour - Weird Crime News
Want a rundown of the week's strangest, most outrageous crimes of the day? Take a look here for a few laughs.
Massive Nude Gathering in Sydney, Australia
Thousands of people shed their clothes as part of an art project in Sydney Australia... and we have the uncensored images in our special gallery. Page 26.
Naked Hindu Holy Men Gather for Kumbh Mela
It's the world's largest religious gathering... and some people like to do it in the nude. See our photo of the Hindu Kumbh Mela, and other naked news images, here. Page 33.
Painted Woman
The World Bodypainting Festival is the biggest annual event of the body painting culture and community.
The Face Tattoo
See the world's greatest drunk driving mug shot here. Page 18.
Olivia Munn Gets Naked
Olivia Munn has taken off all her clothes -- again -- in the name of animal rights. See the celeb wearing nothing at all... right here.
Robot Sex: New Love Doll Has Personality Too
A new robot promises to change the way lonely men have sex. Roxxxy is not only a life-sized love doll, but she can also talk football afterward.
Beefcake Heroes: Comic Book Icons Go Gay
The X-Men might be more than just a team... and fighting villains might not be the only thing they share. See them as gay crimefighters here. Page 5.
Meet the Naked Rambler
He travels the Scottish countryside in little more than his birthday suit. He's Stephen Gough, the Naked
Nina Dobrev And Other Stars of 'Vampire...
Five stars of the TV show 'Vampire Diaries' were arrested for allegedly flashing motorists in Georgia.
Stuff You Never Knew About Chipotle Restaurants
Jason Mraz sells avocados to Chipotle. Page 4.
The Penis Map
How do American penises stack up? We're a little on the small side, as it turns out. See how we rank in this map of global dongs. Page 4.
Nude Sports Flash: Athletes Bare All in Naked...
When you're naked, every moment's a celebration. See a nude rugby player in some full-frontal fun here.
Nurse from Brazil Becomes Ripley's Star
Most Pierced Woman: In early 2009, Guinness World Records certified that Brazilian-born nurse Elaine Davidson sports 6,005 piercings, including 1,500 that are internal. Page 2.
World's Smallest Dog
Meet the world's smallest dog, Boo Boo the chihuahua. Page 26.
Declining Standards
Why are convicted felons becoming soldiers and police officers? Why are babies getting gun permits? Are our standards hopelessly declining? Why are convicted felons becoming soldiers and police officers? Why are babies getting gun permits? Are our standards hopelessly declining?
Diane Sue Whalen
A mugshot of Diane Sue Whalen, who was arrested in connection with training two dogs to have sex with women. She faces charges of felony crimes against nature.
Our Litigious Times
A rundown of the latest in dumb laws and ridiculous lawsuits in Buck Wolf's weird news on About.com.
Living in the Trash
A South Carolina woman is arrested when her kids are found living in a house full of trash. See her and other accused dumb criminals in the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame. Page 98.
S&M Heaven: Dominance & Submission at DomCon LA
Barbed wire + sex = ouch! See it here. Page 14.
Weird Animal News
Our animal friends are always reminding us that it's their planet, too. Here's the latest on humanity's ongoing struggle with its beastly friends.
This Week In Weird Crime June 29 2014
A Spanish teacher is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student.
World Bodypainting Festival
World Bodypainting Festival: Some say body painting is the oldest form of art. In the last dozen years, with a growing acceptance of nude and naked performance, the World Bodypainting Festival has attracted thousands of people. The event began in 1996 in Austria. Here are highlights of festivals and competitions from around the world.
Breast Assault Ever
An Ohio woman is accused of shooting breast milk at two cops. See her and her cleavage here. Page 21.
Two Thumbs Up
A woman arrest on DUI charges smiles for the camera. See her memorable mug here. Page 2.
Man With Fangs
The World Bodypainting Festival is the biggest annual event of the body painting culture and community.
Something That'll Make Your Eyes Pop Right Out...
Meet a woman who can make her eyes pop right out of their sockets.
Ron Mueck's Unsettling Giant
The sculpture is called "Wild Man" and is one of Ron Mueck's many unusual creations. Mueck's art manages
Weird Medical News
You could bust a gut laughing at what's going on at some hospitals. Here's a look at bizarre hospital news across the world.
Peep Shows Through History: From Classic...
New York in the 1970s was the porn capital of the world, with erotic theaters and peep shows on every corner. Was it just dirty pornographic smut... or a classic art that shares its origins with that of cinema itself? See the history of the peep show here and decide for yourself.
Shedding Clothes in Sydney
See the gathering that put the exhibition into exhibitionist, as 5,000 people shed their clothes for artist Spencer Tunick. Find uncensored images and more in our special Naked News gallery. Page 27.
The All-Time Weirdest Sports of the Summer...
You might think of the Olympic Games as an ancient and noble tradition. I think of it as a clearinghouse for weird sports. See the strangest Games ever played here... starting with pigeon shooting. Yes, pigeon shooting.
Hollywood Offbeat
Looking for weird celebrity news? Keep up with Britney, Paris and other glittering Einsteins of show business. This week, we find Demi Moore stopped a suicide with Twitter.
Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame
A Connecticut woman is accused of throwing a Christmas tree at her father during a drunken holiday dustup that resulted in one memorable mug shot.
Bizarre Child Sex Photo Case
A Florida woman pleads guilty to sexually abusing her children, taking photos and sending them to a man she met online. See her here. Page 20.
Naked Clown Calendar
Naked Clown Calendar: San Francisco's Clown Conservatory is launching the Naked Clown Calendar to raise money for multiple sclerosis. The Class of 2008 was inspired by co-founder Judy Finelli.
Alleged Naked Coke-Smoking Tricyclist Arrested
This week in weird crime for March 29 2014.
Weird Lost and Found - Unusual Items Recovered
Here's a rundown of some of the most unusual things found in lost and found bins across the country.
Holiday Feasting Tips: How to Eat Like Hot Dog...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" > Maybe you'll
Disney Character Fails, Farts At France And...
A video shows two minutes of Disney characters falling down in the company's theme parks.
Their Bodies, Themselves
What better way to celebrate the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras than with thousands of naked men and women at the Sydney Opera House. See the uncensored images in our special Nude News photo gallery. Page 28.
Naked Protester Interrupts Berlin Film Festival
If you're trying to draw attention to your cause, drop your pants. See the nude protester at the Berlin Film Festival and other naked news photos here. Page 34.
Disney Smackdown
A woman is accused of beating her one-year-old child at Disney's Magic Kingdom. See her in the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame. Page 19.
Alleged Prostitute Arrested After Opossum...
A woman was arrested for prostitution after an encounter with an opossum. Find out how it all unfolded here. Page 9.
'Ya Vol, Mein fuhrer!'
Dance of/with the Devil." The show, part of Belgium's Flanders Expo - Line Art Exhibition, opened Dec.
Guinness World Records 2013: Animals
Meet the world's longest snake, Medusa. Page 4.
This Week In Weird Crime: Naked Napper,...
A couple comes home to find a naked man asleep in their bed.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter & Other...
In "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" the 16th president is out for revenge after witnessing his own mother
Competitive Eaters in Action
Take a look at photos of the world's top competitive eaters in action.
Real Life Frankeinstein
Real life Frankenstein Arrested: Police in Anderson Township, Ohio, cuffed a man with a gash on his forehead who happens to be named Forrest V. Frankenstein Jr. after an incident at a Toby Keith Concert. Page 99.
Three-Way Sex in Public
Everybody has a secret fantasy, and for three Torrington, Conn., residents, that apparently involves three-way sex in public. The trio -- Mindy Lomento, Greg Wankin, David Perry -- face public indecency Charges
The Week in Weird Crime & Dumb Criminals: March...
A woman tried to hide someone else's urine in her vagina. You're not going to believe how.
Elvis Presley Bald
What would Elvis Presley look like if he were alive today (as some still claim he is)? Here's an artists' interpretation by the great Gordon Donovan. Page 22.
Sandy Allen: Big-Hearted Giantess
World's Tallest Woman: Sandy Allen of Indiana, the Guinness Record holder as the world's tallest woman, died Aug. 13, 2008 at 53 Years old.
World's Biggest Testicles: Meet the Man With...
Wesley Warren Jr is the man with the world's biggest testicles.
Mom Allegedly Has Sex With Daughter's Teenage...
Mug Shots and Police Photos: Police are accusing Deborah Lee Towe with having ses with several of her daughter's teenage friends (as young as 15), in a Walmart parking lot, an elementary school parking lot, and her home.
Indonesian Tree Man Fights New Growths
Indonesian "Tree Man" Dede Koswara needs help bathing -- because his condition makes his own hands almost
Boobs on Bikes Parade
New Zealand's Boobs on Bikes Parade has become an annual event in Auckland. The estimated 100,000 onlookers
Weird Burger Scam
A man claiming to be the new manager of Denny's cooked himself a burger. But he wasn't the manager. Get the full weird story here.
Tales Out of School
Remember those awkward moments on the school bus? Teachers who made your life miserable? Feelings of alienation on the playground and cafeteria? Times haven't change.
Streaker Strikes
It doesn't take much to get some people to shed their clothes... and their inhibitions. See what happens when people drop trou in the most unusual places. Page 36.
Scarred & Scared: Marked Men and Women Deliver...
A man with the most amazing menacing grin makes the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame.
This Week In Weird News
Could the figure in this image be the elusive Bigfoot? For years, much of the evidence for the big beast
The Happy Fugitive's Uncle
A West Virginia man appears amused at his own arrest. His uncles arrested with him? Not so much. See them all in the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame. Page 101.
Hint to Crooks
A man tries to elude police... but a face full of tattoos made it pretty impossible. Check out his mug shot here. Page 4.
Living Dead Man
A man who's covered his body in tattoos to make himself look like a zombie is the unlikely new star of Lady Gaga's latest video. See him here. Page 7.
Extreme Body Modification
Some of the world's most tattooed and pierced men and women have turned their bodies into living works of art. See the images of these most unusual human beings.
Ultimate Bad Parenting
A man is accused of leaving his son in a hot truck so he could go into a bar and watch Ultimate Fighting. See this and other dummies in the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame. Page 119.
Clowning Around in the Nude
What happens when a nude model gets a creepy clown painted across her belly? See the interest results in my bodypainting photo gallery. Page 14.
Drunk, Naked & Covered in Blood
A Chicago man is found drunk, naked and covered in blood. See him here. Page 23.
Quiz: How Weird Are You?
The weird news quiz
Horse and Buggy Crimes
Amish men have been serving jail sentences for refusing to put traffic markers on their horse-and-buggy carriages. Find out why they refuse here. Page 10.
Don't Stare at My Daughter!
A man caught leering at a teen girl is beaten by the girl's mother. See him here. Page 15.
The Disney Peeper
This isn't what they meant by Disney magic: Police say they caught a man spying on women in a bathroom at Epcot. Page 3.
Woman Accused in Murder Claims Victim Wanted to...
A woman accused of killing a 74-year-old man says the victim wanted to die... and even paid her to do the job. Page 5.
Some of us take Yahtzee a lot more serious than everyone else. Meet a man police say tried to choke his wife after a round of the classic game. Page 6.
Thrifty Thief
Mug Shots and Police Photos: When you commit a dumb crime, you usually look the part. About.com's Buck Wolf brings you the strangest, most outrageous Funny looking mug shots and police photos. Come back for regular updates. Page 22.
Streaker Strikes at London Soccer Match
A streaker runs onto the pitch during the Coca-Cola Championship match between the Queens Park Rangers and Doncaster Rovers in London. See him and other flashers, nudists and naked celebs in our special photo gallery. Page 29.
Not Very Ladylike
Police in California say 56-year-old Lee Hazen Williamson disguised himself on a woman, hopped on a bus
Naked Clowns for Your Wall
It doesn't take much to get some people to shed their clothes... and clowns are dropping their oversized shoes and suspenders for a good cause. See the images here. Page 38.
Streaker Hits the Rugby Pitch
What's the best way to liven up a rugby match? A flasher! See the latest sports streakers and other nudists here in our special photo collection. Page 37.
World's Most Pierced Woman
Brazilian-born nurse Elaine Davidson sports 6,005 piercings, including 1,500 that are internal. See this an other images of extreme body modification. Page 9.
Play My Song... Or Else!
Here's how you DON'T get your song request played on the radio: threaten the station. See a guy who police say did just that... right here. Page 7.
Oops! Accidental Vagina Pic Leads to Assault
A woman accidentally sent a pic of her vagina into an online chat room... then assaulted her boyfriend, according to police. See her image here, along with other mug shots in the Weird Crime Hall of Shame. Page 145.
The Week in Weird Crime for 11/29: Smiling Mug...
See the amazing rear of a woman caught injecting butts with cement and tire sealant.
Swingin' New Version of 'Baby Got Back'
A swinging Sinatra-style version of 'Baby Got Back.'
Dirty Cowboy
Mug Shot: Deborah Yvette Parker is accused of killing her common-law husband after allegedly shooting him during a sex game they called "Dirty Cowboy." And we've got the mug shot.
Hammer, Nail & Nose
See me hammer a nail into Albert Cadabra's nose. Page 8.
Gang Bang Teacher
It's like something out of a porn movie -- police say a Texas teacher had sex with five students at once and let them film the filthy act. Page 30.
Still Naked at the Cricket Pitch
A streaker invades a cricket pitch and we have the graphic evidence. See this and other photos of naked people here! Page 47.
Nude Clown Does Chores
Clowns have to do chores too... and some even like doing it nude. See the stunning images from the Naked Clown Calendar and more in our special naked gallery. Page 39.
Nude Clown Contortions
Forget balloon animals. Mr. and Mrs. May of the Naked Clown Calendar show some of the really fun shapes rarely seen at birthday parties. See this and more in our special weird nude photo gallery. Page 43.
Senior Moments
Elvis as an Old Geezer © Gordon Donovan What would Elvis lived if he reached his 75th birthday? Given
911 Caller Just Wants His Tacos
A Florida man calls 911 from a Taco Bell... because he couldn't place a walk-up order and the drive-through window. Page 11.
Milk, Sugar & Xanax
A Florida woman is accused of spiking her husband's coffee... with Xanax. Page 13.
Snake Massage
Ada Barak's Snake Massage: At Ada Barak's spa in northern Israel, snakes don't give people the creeps. They give deep-tissue massages. King and corn snakes are laid on people's backs, and for $80, they'll wriggle the kinks out of your spine. Page 2.
Lady Gaga Brings Nearly Nude Bra and Panty Act...
After giving Mets fans the finger at a Citi Field game, Lady Gaga showed up in the Bronx and gave Yankees fans a different kind of salute. See her nearly-nude Yankee Stadium show here. Page 20.
Ice Cream Antisocial
A Memphis man is accused of pulling a gun at a children's party after a dispute over ice cream and cake. See him and other dumb crime suspects here. Page 24.
Hairy Man in Body Paint
The World Bodypainting Festival is the biggest annual event of the body painting culture and community.
Oral Sex With a Labrador Retriever
Bestiality Mug Shot - Bradley Brainard, a plumber from Atascadero, Calif., was under investigation for selling drugs to prison inmates when police say they found something far more disturbing -- video of him performing oral sex on his dog.
Nearly Naked People in Winter Swims
See slim, hardy Dutch girls don bikinis and jump into the North Sea... in winter.
Woman in Flames
The World Bodypainting Festival is the biggest annual event of the body painting culture and community.
Hells Angels Bulldog Bash
More than 50,000 people -- including Hells Angels from all over the world -- gather in England for what
Dumb Crimb: A Daily Look at Criminal Incompetence
Want a rundown of the week's strangest, most outrageous crimes of the day? Keep up with the antics of the world's least competent crooks.
Two Nude Clowns
What's better than a naked clown? Two naked clowns, working together to raise money for multiple sclerosis research. See this and more in our special weird nude photo collection. Page 40.
Nearly Naked Japanese Celebrate Coming of Age
Leave it to the Japanese -- they know how to throw a party. See a traditional ceremony where nearly naked revelers carry portable shrines into the sea in our special photo gallery
Caught in the Act
Police say a Texas teacher was caught in the act having sex with a student. See her here. Page 29.
'Toe Suck Fairy' Flies Off to Jail
Police in Arkansas say 50-year-old Michael Wyatt has a secret identity: He's the "Toe Suck Fairy," and
Boryeong Mud Festival: Good Clean Fun
The Boryeong Mud Festival is good, clean fun. An estimated 2 million people from around the world converge on this small South Korean coastal city -- just to play in the dirt. You'll find mud slides, mud wrestling, mud sculpture, mud photo contests, among other activities. The other part of the festival is pitching the beauty and skincare products made from Boryoeng City's famous dirt.
Weird Dog Stories
Looking for weird dog stories and weird dog news? You've come to the right place
Counter-Streaking at Naked Sports
Naked rugby players tackle a clothed "streaker" during a nude match at New Zealand's St Kilda Beach.
Biology Teacher Accused of Sexy Lesson
A Texas biology teacher is accused of having sex with one of her students at least two dozen times, including at school and in her car. See her here. Page 28.
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