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Weird Medical News

Physicial Heal Theyself . . . With Weird Medical News


You could bust a gut laughing at what's going on at some hospitals. Here's a look at bizarre hospital news across the world.

1. Police: Peeping Doc Taped Teens

Steven Pack Mug Shot
Lehi (Utah) Police Department
Two teenage girls who work for Dr. Steven Pack noticed something unusual in the exam room where they got changed: a camera, according to police.(Deseret News)

2. Accused Doctor-Biter on the Loose

With town-hall meetings turning ugly, it’s good to see that a 45-year-old guy can bite off a piece of his doctor's finger "including the finger nail" for reasons unrelated to President Obama’s health-care plan.

3. Kidney Through Vagina

In a first-of-its-kind procedure, doctors removed a kidney through a donor's vagina. "Removing the kidney through a natural opening should hasten the patient's recovery and provide a better cosmetic result," a doctor told CNN.

4. Better Fat Than Eaten by Microbes

An Australian woman says she beat a rare flesh-eating disease because she was overweight. If I had have been smaller [the bacteria] would have eaten my organs and my insides. My kidneys and liver would have been eaten if I hadn't have been big," Clair Robinson told News.com.au. "Maybe fat people do have a good life after all."

5. Singapore Tycoon Jailed for Organ Trading

A business man said to be in "extreme ill health" was convicted for seeking entrepreneurial solutions on the open market. Authorities sentenced him to only two hours in jail because they feared for his health.

6. What's a Penis Worth? $795,000, Romanian Court Rules

How do you compensate a 33-year-old man who suffered the most unkindest cut of all -- a penis severed in surgery? A piece of muscle from the man's arm was attached to where his penis was, but its function is purely aesthetic.

7. Bangladeshi Surgeons Remove 95-lb. Tumor

A team of doctors in Dhaka removed what they called an "unusual" mass from a 35-year-old rickshaw puller. The giant tumor was the size of four watermelons, weighing 95 lbs., and lodged in his abdomen. Good news: It was benign.

8. Kansas Man Survives Nail To Head

George Chandler's nail gun misfired as he was doing a project in his backyard, and a doctor found a claw hammer quite handy in helping him out.

9. Surgeons: Man's 'Tumor' Turned Out to Be 25-Year-Old Towel

Surgeons in Japan removed a 25-year-old towel from a 49-year-old man. They had gone into the operating room thinking the man was suffering from a tumor. Apparently, the cloth was left in the man in 1983, when he had a medical procedure for a minor ulcer

10. Hospital Apologizes Surgeons Laughing on YouTube Video

In a filmed procedure to remove a perfume canister from the anus of a male patient, doctors and nurses from Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center are seen laughing and joking. The video was quickly removed from YouTube and the hospital has formed a task force to investigate.
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