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Dreaming of a Strange Christmas: Weird Holiday Gift Guide


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Ring Out the Old: Christmas Ornaments Celebrate Failed Relationships
The Breakup Ornament

The Breakup Ornament

Sick of seeing happy couples this holiday season when your own relationship is in the toilet?

Never fear... you can celebrate your own bitterness, or at least give your worse half a gift that will ensure you're on his or her mind -- whether they want you there or not.

It's the "Breakup Ornament," a Christmas ornament showing a boy and girl clearly in the opposite of love, along with the legend "Our Last Christmas Together" and the year.

"Everyone has a First Christmas Together ornament, so we thought a Last Christmas Together ornament made perfect sense," Liz Tillman, co-owner of Breakup Ornaments, said in a press release. "With more and more people throwing divorce parties, the idea of finding a bit of humor in an often undeniably bad situation is gaining traction."

And if your breakup is of the more political kind, they also offer an anti-Obama version of the ornament that's sure the please the Tea Party member of your family ('cuz, let's face it, every family has one).

The ornaments cost $8.50 a piece, plus another $4 for shipping. A gift box for your ornament will set you back $1.50.

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