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Weird Science: Gizmos, Gadgets & High Tech

They laughed at Copernicus. They laughed at the Wright Brothers. At least at first. Perhaps today's weird scientists will be tomorrow's Nobel Prize winners. Stranger things have happened. Here is where you'll find info on some of the strangest research, most outrageous experimentation and bizarre new contraption.
  1. Chemistry of the Absurd

Dreaming of a Strange Christmas: Weird Holiday Gift Guide
Looking for the weirdest thing you can give for Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday? It's all here in the strangest holiday gift guide you'll ever see.

From Newton to Pippin: Not Every Mac Product Is Made of Gold
Apple is hoping to take the world by storm with its new tablet computer. Will it be the next iPhone... or the next Newton? Take a look back at some of the historic flops unleashed by this remarkably successful company.

Outrageous X-Rays
From strange objects stuck inside bodies to weird animal X-rays, these are some of the most bizarre scientific images you'll see. See these and other unusual scientific images in our special gallery, "Outrageous X-Rays."

Questionable Research
To quote Shakespeare, "To expostulate … why day is day, night night, and time is time is nothing but to waste night, day and time." Some researchers might want to think about that.

Truman Show Delusion
Is your life secretly being filmed for a reality TV show? Two psychiatrists say a growing number of people fear that a camera is trailing them, all for the benefit of voyeuristic TV viewers.

Pregnant Man Reportedly Gives Birth
Thomas Beatie, the transgengered man who chose to become artificially inseminated when his wife couldn't conceive, is now a dad. And, you can bet, he's going to have a hard time explaining this to his little girl.

Crisp End for Pringles Inventor
As a final wish, Fredrick J. Baur, the man who designed the Pringles packing system, will be buried in one of the icon cans.

Marijuana Shrinks Parts of Brain
Judging by the way some stoners act, didn't you already assume pot shrinks your brain? Perhaps if a researchers could prove marijuana shrinks other parts of the anatomy they could get people to stay sober.

Strange New Products
The weirdest, strangest, funniest and most innovative new products now on the marketplace . . . or at least coming soon.

Safety Helmets for Bouncing Babies
Do babies need to wear helmets like football players? If this seems like a product for hysterically overprotective parents, think again

Breast Implants Up (for Men)
Call it the Matthew McConaughey phenomena. There's a skyrocketing amount of men undergoing plastic surgery to attain those perfectly symmetrical, squared-off pecs, like the Spartan warriors from 300.

Weird Inventions
Care for a self-perfuming suit? Here's the latest from mad scientists at work.

Weird Medical News
You could bust a gut laughing at what's going on at some hospitals. Here's a look at bizarre hospital news across the world.

Attack of the Robots: Weird Robot News
Looking for strange news about robots? Here's a look at dancing, gas-pumping, bar-tending robots and other technological wonders.

Improbable Research
The inventors of the self-perfuming suit, anti-flatulence airtight underwear and the spinning birthing table have all had their day at Harvard University, honored by students at the infamous Ig Nobel awards. The ceremony throws a spotlight on some of the most downright peculiar research in the world.

Questionable Medical Devices
The art of flimflam is celebrated here. Years before the first late-night infomercial, con men were selling weight-loss soap, electric belts to jiggle you to perfection, and other contraptions.

Placebo Journal: Idiopathic Medical Tales
Billed as "the only medical journal that will make you laugh on purpose," the <I>Placebo Journal</I> is written by doctors who are more than willing to tell you want they thing of the health care system -- and they have no problem finding your funny bone.

New Scientist: Ask a Question, No Matter How Silly
The New Scientist's "Last Word" will answer anything. And just to prove there are no stupid questions. Here's where you'll find why rainbows are curved . . . and why human pooh can be so smelly.

Preposterous Patents and Inane Inventions:
You've heard of chastity belts... but have you ever seen one designed for a man? See that and other bizarre inventions in my special gallery, "Preposterous Patents and Inane Inventions."

Mail Order Mysteries: The Products Your Parents Would Never Let Your Order

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