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Buck's Favorite Slideshows

A Look at the Best in Weird News Photos


You want cute, cuddly animals? Competitive eaters stuffing their faces? Nude protesters? And wacky flying machines that just barely get off the ground? We've got 'em!

Hot Shots: Weird Photo Overview

Camel beauty Pageant
Getty Images
Here's a smattering of the latest photos. Among the beauties: A camel beauty pageant, a duck fashion show, and shrubs sculpted to look like the Beatles.

Fantastic Foodscapes

Carl Warner

See landscapes made salami, seas of fish and buildings made of everything from cheese to lemons in this amazing collectin of "Foodscapes" by British food photographer Carl Warner.

Buck's Fashion Police

Fashion Police
Getty Images
I'm a longtime member of Us Weekly's Fashion Police. But don't come looking for me if you want advice on what to wear. My specialty is what not to wear. And here are some things you definitely want to avoid.

Crazy Mug Shots

You can't judge guilt or innocence just by looking at someone … at least when you're serving on a jury. But if looks could convict, these people would be lifers.

Naked Clown Calendar

Nude Clown
Naked Clown Calendar
When men in greasepaint and floppy shoes drop trou, it had better be for a good cause, and, indeed, these jokers are trying to do some good.

Chicken McNugget Art

Getty Images
Maybe your mother told you not to play with your food, but doing just that has given the controversial artist Banksy one of the most interesting exhibits New York City has ever seen, complete with Chicken McNuggets pecking and preening, and fish sticks swimming in a tank.

Wild and Furry Body Painting

Body Painting
Getty Images
Humans have been painting their bodies since they were cave dwellers. In recent years, the World Bodypainting Festival has given this ancient art form a sexy new twist. All the models must wear underwear, but the ladies have the option to be topless, except for a few coats of paint.

Snake Massage: A Slithering Spa

Snake Massage
Getty Images
Ever since that run-in with Adam and Eve, snakes have gotten a bad rap in the Holy Land. But at Ada Barak's spa in northern Israel, slithering reptiles don't give people the creeps. They give deep-tissue massages.

Ritual Vegetarianism

Pierced Cheek
Getty Images
Thailand's Vegetarian Festival traces its roots back to the early 1800s when miners began piercing their tongues, cheeks (and other parts of their body) to chase away evil spirits and bring good luck to the community. Today, the people of Phuket Island continue the tradition.

Underwater Fashion Show

Underwater Fashion Show
Getty Images
Forget the catwalks and red carpets. At a recent show in Sydney, Australian models held their noses, and took runway fashion where it's never gone before -- to the bottom of a water tank.
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