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Buck's Favorite Slideshows

A Look at the Best in Weird News Photos


New World Records

Manuel Uribe
Getty Images
The fattest, hairiest, shortest and tallest recap in humanity's never-ending quest to exceed its own limits, no matter how ridiculous.

Tallest Woman Remembered

Sandy Allen
John Kleinman/Cast a Giant Shadow
Sandy Allen, the world's tallest woman, has passed away. While some people with physical abnormalities spend their lives in sideshows, she devoted her best years to working with children, letting them know, in her own words, "It's OK to be different."

Weird Moments at the Republican Convention

Getty Images
From masked protesters to McCain/Palin lovers who let it all hang out, the Republican National Convention gave GOP-lovers and Bush Administration haters a reason to dress up.

Democratic Convention Crazies

Uncle Sam outfit at the Democratic National Convention
Getty Images
If the Democrats are trying to relate to ordinary Americans, perhaps outfits like these aren't the answer. Still, silly campaign apparel is a political convention tradition.

America's Cheerleader-in-Chief

President Bush at the Olympics throws up his hands
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images
Most people know sports=loving President Bush once owned the Texas Rangers. A lesser-known fact: Bush was a high school cheerleader, and that was evident as he watched the 2008 Olympic Games

Oddball Olympics

Face Painting at the Olympics.
Photo © China Photos/Getty Images
As fans munched on seahorse-on-a-stick, China played host to the world, and reintroduced its ancient culture to the rest of the world -- a culture in which KFC is no longer banned near the Forbidden City.

Boobs on Bikes Parade

Boobs on Bikes Parade
Getty Images
Once a year, New Zealand gives a whole new meaning to "drag queen" as topless porn stars, transvestites and all sorts of exhibitionists cruise through Auckland.

Bulldog Bash

Bulldog Bash
Matt Cardy/Getty Image
Hells Angels members from all over the world jump on their souped-up Harleys and meet in England for what has become one of the largest and strangest festivals in Europe, where 50,000 spectators thrill to the "Wall of Death," outrageous tattoo art and good times.

Waterboard Thrill Ride

Coney Island's Waterboard Thrill Ride
Mario Tama/Getty Images
Hurry! Hurry! Step right up! Watch one robot gag in agony while another pours water down its throat to simulate drowning. It's the latest attraction at Brooklyn's Coney Island.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Getty Images
The biggest, craziest, most diverse arts festival in the world -- the Edinburgh Fringe Festival -- has been a tradition since 1947. In August 2008, 18,000 artists will perform at 247 venues in the Scottish city -- and some of the acts are so strange, the defy description.
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