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Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame



When you commit a dumb crime, you usually look the part. Here's an archive of the most outrageous mug shots and Police photos.

1. The Latest Mugshots

James Lowe
Collier County (Florida) Sheriff‘s Office
When you want to wash all your cloths, and by "all" I mean everything, what do you wear to the laundromat? This man wore nothing. Other highlights: A real-life Weekend at Bernies; a bad case of kitty porn; and the updated Phil Spector Mug Shot.

2. World Series Mug Shots

Joba Chamberlain
Police Booking Photo
Some of the best ballplayers of our generation have had some of the most embarrassing brushes with the law, arrested for crimes ranging from the silly (fishing violations) to the serious (vehicular homicide). Here's a virtual all-star team of misbehaving baseball players.

3. 2009: May - August

Michele Crabill 2009 Mug Shot
Siskiyou County (Calif.) Sheriff's Office
Talk about special deliveries: This postal worker was charged with delivering meth. Other highlights: The dad who put the dog collar on his kids; the man who had sex with a pit bull; and the crack-dealing pastor.

4. 2009: January to April

Richard Nunez Mug Shot
Portsmouth (N.H.) Police Photo
Good fences make for good neighbors, and when fences aren't enough, guys like Richard Nunez allegedly use super glue. Other Highlights: Digging up a corpse for sex; a Charles Manson update; and the porn shop bandits.

5. 2008 Mug Shots

Meichelle Allen Mug Shot
Photo Courtesy Middletown (Ohio) Police Department
You know it's a bad night when you're arrested in a cow suit after people tell police that you've been urinating on their porch. Other highlights: Tampa's batty Batman; the naked bartender; and a self-proclaimed vampire.
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