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The Totally Bizarre Human Body


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My Mom Is Covered in Tattoos!
Jinxi Boo, The Tattooed Lady

Jinxi Boo, The Tattooed Lady

Ripley's Believe It or Not!
She's the daughter of a bishop and mother of three -- and she's covered in head to toe with tattoos.

Jinxi isn't just covered in tattoos -- she's practically an expert. She's co-written and edited three tattoo-related books, and serves as editor and senior writer for Tattooist Art Magazine.

Learn more about her on her Web site.

Think she's got a lot of tattoos? I interviewed Julia Gnuse, the world's most tattooed woman. Julia has 95 percent of her body covered in art, with images of everyone from the Beatles to the cast of Bewitched, and you can read more about her right here.

And for more tattoo chicks, see my special photo gallery: Tattoo Girls Rule.

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