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World's Biggest Penis: Catching Up With Jonah Falcon


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A Soft Spot for Singer-Songwriters
Jonah Falcon's 13.5-inch penis is the world's largest.

Jonah Falcon has a soft spot for the singer-songwriters of the 1970s.

Jonah Falcon
Falcon will pull down his pants and show what God has given him, if challenged by a reporter, or to settle a bet at a party. But the man with the world's biggest penis is a bit of a softy... at least when it comes to his music.

"When I was young my mother bought Piano Man by Billy Joel, and I've bought every Billy Joel album since. From there I learned the other singer songwriter of the 70s and 80s. And to this day, I can't listen to 'PacMan Fever' without bursting out into laughter."

He's also a big fan of classic comedies, Woody Allen films and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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