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World's Biggest Penis: Catching Up With Jonah Falcon


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How Big Is Super Big?
Jonah Falcon measures up with his world record largest penis.

How does Jonah Falcon measure up? The ruler he's holding here is only two-thirds the length of his record-setting penis.

Buck Wolf
Falcon became world famous when he was featured on an HBO special, Private Dicks: Men Exposed back in 1999. He even shocked show's producers.

"I went to their office in bike shorts with my c--k wrapped around the side of my leg," he said.

Jonah Falcon's 13.-5-inch penis is longer than your average wine bottle, and about as thick.

Think about that next time you uncork one.

For the record, the measuring tape he's holding up is extended to 9 inches... or just two-thirds of the length of his penis.

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