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Cosmopolitan Neutrogena Underwater Fashion Show


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Fashion Plummets to New Depths
Underwater Fashion Show

Underwater Fashion Show

Photo © Gaye Gerard/Getty Images
Forget the catwalks and red carpets. At a recent show in Sydney, Australian models held their noses, and took runway fashion where it's never gone before -- to the bottom of a water tank.

Decked out in designer couture, Australian TV stars Jason Dundas and Kristian Schmid, model Jamie Wright and Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton took the plunge, as an audience of fashion industry hotshots at Sydney's Circular Quay tried not to laugh.

Cosmopolitan magazine and Neutrogena skincare company sponsored the show. Why? "For fun," an organizer said.

As for the models, they tried to prove that you can hold your breath underwater and still look glamorous.

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