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How'd That Get Up Your Butt? X-Rays of Strange Objects Stuck in Rectums


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Barbie Up the Butt
Barbie Up the Butt

Barbie Up the Butt

Jennifer Hale
What do you say when you're caught with something like this Barbie doll is stuck up your butt and you need the assistance of the emergency room?

Probably anything but the truth. "Sometimes patients tell us that they were doing some type of household chore in the nude when they 'fell' or 'tripped' or 'jumped into bed' and 'landed on the object,'" Rich E. Dreben, told the Huffington Post.

"Other times, patients are forthcoming in explaining that their predicaments resulted from sexual activity."

But some people are starting to tell the truth.

"Younger people will say that it happened because of a dare," Marty A. Sindhian said. "But more people are willing to admit that the situation occurred because they were seeking sexual pleasure."

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