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How'd That Get Up Your Butt? X-Rays of Strange Objects Stuck in Rectums


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Buzz Lightyear Stuck Up Someone's Butt
Butt Lightyear

Butt Lightyear

Jennifer Hale
When Buzz Lightyear said "too infinity and beyond!" I'm pretty sure he didn't mean this.

Maybe we should just call him Butt Lightyear from now on -- because this toy surely went where no toy would ever want to go: right up someone's butt.

On the other hand, he was practically shaped for this mission... except for the wings.

That part must've hurt.

"In these cases with toys, the patients were often seeking sexual pleasure or gratification," one of the authors of "Stuck Up," Rich E. Dreben, told the Huffington Post.

"Some patients have been known not only to stimulate themselves manually with toys, but they have also repeatedly swallowed parts of toys because, per their report, passing the toy parts through their gastrointestinal tract and ultimately the anus 'felt good.'"

Of course, not everyone admits that.

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