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Attack of the 50-Foot Spider


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Giant Mechanical Bug Menaces Liverpool
La Machine's Giant Spider

Liverpool's 50-foot Spider

Photo © Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
You probably thought the Beatles would be the biggest insects-in-name-only to come out of Liverpool. Now, we find a three-story mechanical arachnid scuttling across one of Liverpool's biggest buildings. Like John, Paul, George and Ringo, this spider is bent on stardom.

The 50-foot arachnid -- dubbed "La Princess" -- made its debut Sept 2, shocking British commuters, who emerged from a railroad station to see the three-story critter clutching the side of one of Liverpool's biggest buildings.

The French arts collective La Machine created this critter as part of Liverpool's European Capital of Culture program. The group earlier created a 36-foot-tall robot elephant as a piece of street theater.

La Machine worked 18 months in secrecy planning this big surprise.

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