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World Bodypainting Festival

Flesh Turned Into Canvas as Bodies Become Art


Some say body painting is the oldest form of art, dating back to early civilization. In the last dozen years, with a growing acceptance of offbeat performance, the World Bodypainting Festival has attracted thousands of people.

The festival began in 1996 in Austria. Over the years, it has draw hundreds of artists and models, from all over the world. Here are highlights of festivals and competitions from around the world.

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Flower Girl at the Daegu International Body Painting FestivalFlower GirlNaked Belly ClownClowning Around in the NudeBeautiful BacksideBeautiful BacksidePetal PowerPetal Power
Patriotic PaintjobPatriotic PaintjobAustralian Body Art CarnivaleEven Cat People Get the BluesAustralian Body Art CarnivaleBody Art Down UnderAustralian Body Art CarnivaleLiving Art in Oz
Australian Body Art CarnivaleGoing GreenCrazy Hair at World Bodypainting Festival AsiaWorld Body Painting Festival HighlightsOne of the Winner at the World Bodypainting FestivalOne of the WinnersModel with blue fingernails at World Bodypainting Festival AsiaBlue Fingernails
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