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Anti-Shrinkage Bathingsuit for Men

Padded Swimsuit 'Rooster Booster' Guards Against Post-Pool Shriveling


Remember that episode of Seinfeld when a girl walks in on George Costanza as he's changing out of his swimsuit and she laughs because he's suffered "shrinkage"?
Rooster Booster Prevents Penis Shrinkage

Rooster Booster

That age-old problem of guys worrying about their manhood looking diminished after taking a swim might be solved. Meet the "Rooster Booster" -- a $25 lycra bathing suit with a pocket in the crotch.

In the pocket, you insert a breathable foam padding. The manufacturer claims it not only guards against post-pool shriveling, it also keeps a man warm in a spot where he never wants to feel ice cold.

"No one wants to look at the frightened turtle when a guy gets out of the water," designer Michael Yarwood tells my friends at FlashNews. "Every girl will tell you, a wet male crotch dressed in lycra in not attractive.”

While some will dismiss the Rooster Booster as nothing more than the latest example of male vanity, Yarwood says its no different than a padded bra, and like a padded bra, it "enhances and shapes" a very important part of your body.

One other advertised benefits: It cuts down on the potentially embarrassing moments when a man steps out of the pool and "no adjustment" is required.

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