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Whizzer Violation

Police Say Man Used Device to Beat Drug Test


Shaun Sneider allegedly concealed a device down his pants known as a "Whizzer" to cheat on a urine analysis test.
Shaun Sneider 2009 Police Booking Photo

Shaun Sneider 2009 Police Booking Photo

St. Lucie (Fla.) Sheriff's Dept.
The 25-year-old Florida man had been on probation, and ordered for regular drug testing. When an officer searched him they found a "fake penis" in his pants attached to a device that stored urine, according to Tcpalm.com .

Officers say the device is known as Whizzer, the same type that former Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith and actor Tom Sizemore have been said to have used to evade drug tests.

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