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Woman Accused in Murder Claims Victim Wanted to Die

Lawyer Claims 'Misguided Compassion'


A woman accused of killing a 74-year-old man says the victim wanted to die... and even paid her to do the job.
Jennifer Riesel Mug Shot

Jennifer Riesel Mug Shot 2011

New York State Police
Police in upstate, New York arrested 28-year-old Jennifer Riesel after finding the body of Francis Nelson, with his hands and feet bound, near his car on a lonely road.

But Riesel, who met Nelson at a social club in Little Falls, New York, claims Nelson offered her $180,000 -- but the cops don't appear to be buying the story.

They say Nelson was not suicidal, seemed active, had no serious illness and there's no evidence the money was ever paid.

Riesel's lawyer even claims the murder was an act of "misguided compassion," according to the Associated Press.

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