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Woman Claims Sex Change to Use Man's Ski Ticket

Cops Don't Buy Gender-Bending Excuse


Sometimes, a lie is far worse than the truth. Police say a woman caught using her boyfriend's ski pass claimed she was in the middle of a sex-change operation.
Sarah Nicole Fowke Mug Shot 2009

Sarah Nicole Fowke Mug Shot 2009

Summit County (Colorado) Sheriff's Department
Police in Colorado say Sarah Nicole Fowke was stopped when trying to use a pass belonging to Nicholas Hemstreet. And that's when things got interesting.

Fowke told the resort she was in the middle of a sex change, and that her father had disowned her, according to cbs4denver.com. That was shocking news to Mr. Hemstreet, whose son (still apparently a man) eventually admitted he gave his pass to his girlfriend -- Fowke -- according to the report.

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