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Caller Arrested for Threatening Radio Station


Here's how you DON'T get your song request played on the radio: threaten the station.
Alex Finnegan Mug Shot

Alex Finnegan Mug Shot 2011

Bridgewater State University Police
Police in Massachusetts say Alex Finnegan called WBIM -- the campus station at Bridgewater State University -- and repeatedly requested a song by the band Rufio.

Finnegan, a former DJ at the station who graduated in May, didn't get his request: The station didn't have the recording.

So like a true diehard fan -- or a true psycho -- he threatened to shoot up the station, according to police.

Ready for the punchline? Finnegan -- who says the whole thing was a joke -- was wearing a WBIM T-shirt when he was arrested, according to a report in the Huffington Post.

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