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Necrophilia Suspect Accuse of Corpse Abuse

She Didn't Look Dead To Me


I know not everyone is expressive or even active in bed... but I'd like to think most people would notice if their sex partner was dead.
Richard Sanden Mug Shot 2011

Richard Sanden Mug Shot 2011

Daviess County (Indiana) Security Center
Police say Richard Elwood Sanden called the cops when he noticed his girlfriend wasn't breathing after sex... and when medics arrived, they put the time of death at about an hour before the time he told police the intercourse had taken place.

Sanden, 55, insists he had no idea the victim, 48-year-old Rebecca Whitehead was dead when he last had sex with her.

But police say he tried to hide some video equipment when they arrived -- and after they watched what he had recorded, he was charged with necrophilia.


Whatever is on that tape also apparently caused a judge to raise his bond from $4,500 all the way up to $500,000.

Sanden has also been charge with charged with possession of marijuana and abuse of a corpse.

Sanden told police he met Whitehead on a telephone dating service, and that the two had been living together for about three and a half months, according to the Washington Times-Herald.

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