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Naked 'King of the World' Gets Taser Treatment in Florida Keys


"I'm king of the world... king of the ARRGGHHHHH!!!!" I don't know how if that's how this one unfolded... but that's how I picture it anyway.
Richard Gervasi Mug Shot 2011

Richard Gervasi Mug Shot 2011

Monroe County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office
Police in Florida's Big Coppitt Key near Key West say a Pennsylvania man ran naked through the streets shouting about his apparent global royalty.

Someone apparently forgot to tell the local law enforcement about the ascension of 43-year-old Richard Gervasi to the world throne.

When deputies arrived, he allegedly charged after one... so cops called to the scene shot a taser at him.

But his majesty would not go down easy... in fact, after being tased, he pulled the taser prongs out of his skin and got up, according to KeysNet.com.

So they tased him again... and again.

Not surprisingly, police believe generous portions of alcohol and a helping of LSD played a role.

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