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Burglar Caught Allegedly Having Sex With Dog

West Virginia Man Charged With Animal Cruelty and Burglary


Imagine a burglar breaking into a home only to become obsessed with having sex with the dog. That's what police are saying about Christopher Bagwell.
Christopher Bagwell 2009 Mug Shot

Christopher Bagwell 2009 Mug Shot

Marion County (W.Va.) Sheriff's Dept.
Police say a neighbor came to drop something off, expecting to find the house empty. Instead, she allegedly saw Bagwell, 26, in the kitchen with his pants pulled down, having sex with her friend's male Australian shepherd border collie mix.

The poor dog was up on a chair, "making an awful sound like it was in pain," according to a police report quoted in the Charleston Daily Mail.

Police believe Bagwell entered the house as a burglar. The house had been ransacked. Still, it's unclear what made him suddenly turn his attention on the dog.

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