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Face Tattoos Make You Memorable


If you're considering a life of crime, don't even think about getting tattoos across your face - because those kinds of things tend to make you stand out.
Albert Tejeda Mug Shot

Albert Tejeda Mug Shot 2011

Pinal County (Arizona) Sheriff's Office
And a memorable face isn't a great thing to have in the crime line of work.

Just ask the police in Arizona, who didn't have to look very far to find the man they say bolted by foot after a traffic stop and then was seen later carrying a bag with a samurai sword sticking out.

The suspect, 31-year-old Albert Tejeda, has clown-like tattoos across his face and a lengthy rap sheet -- including a conviction for assault against a police officer with a deadly weapon, which makes it illegal for him to carry the samurai sword.

Cops tracked him down, sent in the dogs, and we've got another classic mug shot.

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