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Florida Woman Accused of Slapping a Horse


Stephanie Six Mug Shot 2011

Stephanie Six Mug Shot 2011

St. Petersburg (Florida) Police Department
In real life, however, taking a swing at a horse is generally frowned upon... but police say this woman, 29-year-old Stephanie Six, slapped one last week in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Not just any horse, either -- but a police horse.

Six denies slapping the horse.

"A horse was literally right in my face all of a sudden, so I put my hand up into his face as a reaction," she told Central Florida News 13. "They're saying I slapped this horse when that's not the case. I was basically getting it out of my face. I just moved his face out of my face, I did not hit him."

One of her friends was tased by police after an altercation, so it seems like this may have been one wild night out on the town.

Especially for the horse.

Six has been charged with battery on a police horse.

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