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Drunk, Naked & Covered in Blood

Can You Guess Why?


I've had my share of bad ideas when I was drunk... but I don't usually act on them.
Stewart Gibbs Mug Shot

Stewart Gibbs Mug Shot

Chicago Police Department
Police in Chicago say a man who had apparently been drinking heavily was found naked and covered in blood... and I'm guessing he just couldn't stop himself from acting on one of those bad ideas.

Stewart Gibbs, 44, is accused of trying some DIY surgery on his pet doberman -- police say he claimed to be removing a cyst from under Foley's right ear.

Foley, as far as I can tell, was not available for comment. Let's just say he had a rough day.

Police say Gibbs claimed to be a cardiologist rather than a veterinarian, but the Chicago Tribune says it could not find a license in his name.

His attorney says he's something less than a cardiologist... actually, a health care administrator.


He really is in medicine after all.

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