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Bizarre Child Sex Photo Case

Woman Guilty in Case Involving Her Own Kids


We've got plenty of candidates for Worst Mother Ever, and most of them seem to be coming from Florida.
Candice Marie Miller Mug Shot

Candice Marie Miller Mug Shot 2011

Lee County (Florida) Sheriff's Office
Today's candidate is Candice Marie Miller, a 31-year-old from Alva who has just pleaded guilty to producing, transporting and possessing child porn image.

Of her own children.

Police say Miller took nude photos of herself and her son and daughter, who were 13 and 9, respectively, at the time and sent them to a man posing as an online child therapist who allegedly told women to abuse their children sexually as part of their "therapy" and send him the images.

That man, Steven Demink, was actually a car salesman who apparently just wanted women to send him child porn images, according to Huffington Post Crime.

The two met on a dating site for single parents... which is not exactly how I pictured those places.

Weird News Update: Miller was sentenced to 25 years in prison in Nov. 2011.

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