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Weird 911 Call

'Hogtied' Man Claims to Be Held Against His Will -- in Jail


Police in Ohio received a weird 911 calls: A man claimed he needed help because he was being held against his will and hogtied -- in jail.
Joseph Walsh Mug Shot

Joseph Walsh Mug Shot 2011

Sandusky (Ohio) Police Department
"I want to know why I'm getting hogtied to the holding cell up here in the county jail," Joseph Walsh (not the rock star) said, according to AOL News. "All I'm trying to do is get my phone call."

Police say it shouldn't have been a mystery: Walsh was arrested after allegedly trying to start a bar fight -- and when cops checked him out, they say they found a bag of cocaine.

After being arrested and placed in a holding cell, Walsh allegedly caused such a commotion that cops handcuffed him to the door.

But that didn't stop Walsh -- somehow, he managed to reach his cellphone and call 911.

You can hear the call on the Morning Journal Web site.

Needless to say, he didn't have his phone for long afterward -- police confiscated it after his call, in which he also allegedly complained that his treatment was illegal and that he needed "a representative or a commanding officer."

Give a man enough rope, and he may not hang himself... but he might hogtie himself.

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