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Va J-J Visor

Introducing the First Cut to Protect a Woman's Crotch


In this age of equality, it was only a mater of time before women had cups to protect their crotches, just like men.
Va J-J Visor Guards Your Vajayjay

Va J-J Visor

Photo © VJJ Enterprises

"The idea of the Va j-j Visor originated a few years ago after a night of hanging out. At one point during the evening our conversation turned to the difficulty we girls were having in being able to properly groom 'down there'," they write on product literature.

"We decided that there must be a product in the marketplace to address this sensitive issue and when we couldn't find one, we realized we had no choice but to create it ourselves! Hey, what can we say? We take our grooming ~ and the protection of our va j-j ~ seriously!"

"We settled on the name after rejecting other possibilities like The Clam Shell, The Beaver Dam, The Bonnie Bonnet, The Hoo Ha Hoodie, and The Sister Hood because we had long referred to this area of our anatomy as our Va j-j."

Historians should note that the word "vajayjay" (also written va-jay-jay) was created by writers of Grey's Anatomy, after standards and practices were upset with the constant use of the word "vagina" in one episode.

When Oprah embraced the term -- famously saying "My vajayjay is paining me" in a YouTube clip repeated ad nauseam on The Soup -- is became instant Americana.

VJJ Enterprises already has a gynecologist endorsing this product. It's disposable, biodegradable and available in hot pink, lime green and purple.

They do not, however, come in all sizes. As the product literature reads: "Approximately 70% of the adult female population are sized generally the same in this area, so our product fits most."

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