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Thunderwear That's Fun to Wear

Undies for Pistol Packing Joggers


I'll never look at my fellow joggers the same way again.
Thunderwear: Underwear for Jogging Gun Owners

Thunderwear: Underwear for Jogging Gun Owners

It turns out some people wear more than a shirt, shorts, sneaker and an iPod... because not only are some joggers packing heat, there's an entire industry to accommodate them.

Why would anyone need to carry a pistol while jogging?

Well... just listen to the logic from one pistol-packing Second Amendment advocate:

"Dogs are probably the biggest threat on my jogging route," Kyle Hausen, a Cincinnati-area police officer and firearms instructor, told AOL News.

"That and maybe an errant tricycle."

But it turns out dogs and trikes aren't the only potential targets joggers encounter... some people might run through the bad part of town. It's one way to give yourself the urgency needed to improve your running time.

And Texas Gov. Rick Perry once shot a coyote on his jogging path.

In case you're wondering, I jog armed only with a blade: my razor-sharp wits.

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