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KFC's Double Down

New Sandwich Uses Chicken for Buns


Forget buns... the latest KFC sandwich uses chicken instead of bread.
KFC's Double Down

KFC's Double Down

KFC's Double Down sandwich uses two chicken breasts to cover up an interior of bacon and cheese.

It's so unreal that many have just assumed it can't be so... but it is most definitely so.

The Double Down sandwich will make its nationwide debut on April, 12 -- and the company even has a countdown clock on its homepage.

According to KFC, the sandwich packs 540 calories, or 460 if you opt for the grilled version -- but why would you? It also contains 32 grams of fat, or about half the day's total recommended fat intake (23 grams in the grilled version). The sandwich is spiced with 1380mg of sodium -- or 1430mg for the grilled version.

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