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Ripley's Believe It Or Not

90 Years of Weirdness . . . And Counting


Ripley's Believe It Or Not! has carved a singular history in entertainment history, and its museums are perhaps the single best source for lovers of the bizarre. Here is a look at some of Ripley's recent events and happenings, along with some of its most popular attractions.
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Face Off Winner Jalisa ThompsonSomething That'll Make Your Eyes Pop Right Out of Your HeadKevin Fast Lifts 22 WomenWomen on TopKevin and Jacob Fast Pull FiretrucksStrong in the FamilyStrongman Kevin FastMilitary Transport
Elvis BarcodeThe King as CommodityBarcode OprahScanning OprahLiving Zombie Rick GenestLiving Dead ManBuck Wolf and Albert CadabraHammer, Nail & Nose
Terminator Sculpture by Enrique RamosArnold Schwarzenegger Like You've Never Seen Him BeforeWander Martich and her giant penny.Copper AbeThe Giant PennyThe $840 PennyLizardman With His Own Wax DummyWill the Real Lizardman Please Show His Forked Tongue?
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