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Nude Spanish 'Indignants' in Weird Protest


Normally, I won't be writing about economic conditions in Spain... but it's so bad there now that some people have no clothing at all.
Naked Indignados Indignant Protesters

Naked Indignados Indignant Protesters

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That's all I can figure out from the story about a protest involving thousands of protesters who call themselves indignados -- the indignants.

Man, if I was to get naked every time I got indignant, I'd probably never wear clothes.

In this case, many of the protesters marched across the country and into Madrid, although it's not clear to me how many marched naked.

I don't speak Spanish, except for the words that look like English, but I did find this story about the protest from Al Jazeera.

It doesn't mention naked people, though.

How could they have possibly missed it?

In the interest of editorial integrity, I feel obligated to disclose that the big round black mark is my addition -- it is not a natural part of the male anatomy.

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